Track 1: The Catalyst 
'The Catalyst' is the first of three singles telling an overarching dystopian, sci-fi narrative. The band wanted to artwork to introduce their audience to world of the Eclipse Machine, showcasing a futuristic dystopian landscape contrasted with a bright, sterile city - the last city of mankind. 

The synopsis for the track is as follows: 
The Catalyst is the first song in the ‘Second Satellite’ and sets the stage for the concept the follows. The first verse focuses on the the world itself. The world is sterile, dark and borderline catatonic. Humanity has been culled until a small fraction remains in a large city. Kept alive to merely be observed. To control Humankind further, they are fed these pills the completely suppresses their emotions. The second verses focuses on the sins of man that led to them being conquered. The unforgiving and violent side that would rather destroy than create. The choruses is sung from the perspective of an onlooker, wanting humanity to wake up and feel again. The bridge is from the perspective of Humanity in the present, free from emotions and free from the sins of the past.​​​​​​​
Track 2: Vivid 
Vivid focuses on the Protagonist of the story. The protagonist begins to develop a tolerance to the drug that suppresses their emotions. Feeling emotions for the first time, the Protagonist realises the reality of their situation, panics and flees the City. On a personal level; Vivid is about having a panic attack and the struggles of having anxiety. The choruses focuses coming out of an anxiety attack seeing clearly again.
As Vivid is a much more personal song for the character, we decided to focus in on the characters eye - as they feel emotions for the first time their world erupts into bright, vivid colour. 

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